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MEDSINTES group has been around since 2008 sitting on a firm footing in the market of solutions for traumatoogy and orthodedics consumables, and since 2011 it has been actively expanding into the sector of equipment and consumables for laboratory diagnostics.

The main goal of the company is to eventually improve medical care and facilitate development in public health services in general, all by introducing the cutting-edge solutions in the sphere of high-tech medicine and providing a setting for their effective performance. The company constantly keeps track of all the latest advances in medical care and technologies and knows how to adopt and apply them.

The major scope of activities centers around support of medical facilities, renovation and re-equipment of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centers. 

MEDSINTES boasts only highly professional well-qualified specialists who can promptly assist you to the highest standard, choosing what is best for you and completing your order without delay.

With customers’ needs and worldwide trends in mind, the company is constantly working on a wider range of products.

MEDSINTES has maintained effective ties with public health facilities and private clinics. Over 150 facilities have been supplied with medical equipment since the company was established.

On our website medsintes.ru, you will find information about high-tech equipment and top-notch consumables as well as encompassing content compiled by producers and users of equipment. 

You can leave it to us to find the perfect solution to your task. On our part, we will be happy to do our best to build a productive partnership for our mutual benefit.